Reiki With Sound Healing

Sound Healing Reiki For Inner Peace

Reiki With Sound Healing

Marcus’ healing sessions combine the benefits of Reiki with sound healing sound bath sessions.  Marcus’ Reiki table is equipped with a tactile transducer, a device which reproduces sound frequencies down to 5 hertz, which is lower than people can hear, but which produces vibrational as well as auditory sound that aids in his clients’ healing.   During his Reiki healing sessions, Marcus plays specifically designed sound healing music which is not only soothing, but also serves to heighten the energy healing benefits obtained by his clients.  For example, crystal bowl sound bath music sounds and feels like the crystal bowls are being played right next to Marcus’ clients during their Reiki sessions.  This is truly an experience which must be felt and heard in person, to fully understand and appreciate the benefits received by Marcus’ Reiki clients.

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