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Marcus in his Alameda, California healing center

Since I was a child, I have wanted to help others personally and help humanity in general make this world a better place.  To that end, I earned a BA in Psychology from UCLA.  I also discovered and trained in many forms of biofield energy healing, and I have learned how it can be profoundly beneficial to individuals on a physical healing level, on an emotional healing level and for their spiritual development.

I received my Reiki level one training from three individuals, including from Fran Brown, who was one of the 22 Reiki Masters trained by Hawayo Takata, the person who brought Reiki from Japan to the United States in 1938.   I received my Reiki Master training from Steven Buck.  To broaden my energy healing skills, I have also completed Healing Touch levels 1 and 2 training.  In addition, I have completed Pranic Healing basic and advanced training and crystal Pranic Healing training, all with Master Stephen Co.  I have also completed a 16 month Shamanic Practitioner training and certification from Greg Harper at the HCH Institute.  Master hypnotherapist and instructor Marilyn Gordon has also provided me with training. Most recently, I have completed level one and level two Reconnective Healing practitioner training and level three The Reconnection training, each taught by Dr. Eric Pearl.  I have also studied sound healing and crystal healing, and have learned to integrate those modalities into my energy healing sessions.

Having completed all of this training, I am able to draw from each of these healing modalities, as needed to best benefit my clients.  Rather than dogmatically and rigidly practicing only one or two forms of biofield energy healing, I have in essence developed my own composite of all of these modalities. The many excellent client testimonials contained on the Testimonials pages of this website attest to the effectiveness of my healing sessions.  To be able to help so many people in such very profound ways brings me great joy and makes me feel truly blessed.

It was a great honor to be included in the National Geographic the Healing Power of Faith December 2016 cover story, online edition:

I invite you to read about some of the healing and other benefits my clients have received from our sessions.  These client written recommendations and client videos are contained on the Client Reviews pages of this website.

Marcus and Luna

Please call Marcus at (510) 418-5379, for a free telephone consultation to discuss how Marcus’ Reiki, Reconnective Healing, Shamanic Healing, Sound Healing, Crystal Healing and other healing modalities can help you achieve your goals, or send Marcus an email at marcus@reiki4innerpeace.com