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Welcome to Reiki For Inner Peace

COVID-19 Update:
11.8.2022: I am now again conducting in-person Reiki healing sessions in my Alameda, California office. I am also conducting in-person Reiki healing sessions in the beautiful backyard garden of my home in Alameda, California, under the big oak tree.  Please see the photos on my Reiki in the Garden webpage. In addition, I am conducting distant Reiki healing sessions, including Reiki sessions on Zoom. I have received two Pfizer COVID vaccinations and three boosters.  Please call or text me at 510-418-5379, or email me to schedule a session, or to discuss how an in-person Reiki session, or a distant Reiki session, may be beneficial to you.  Namaste, Marcus

We are all crewmembers of Our Spaceship Earth, no one is a passenger.

Reiki Master Marcus Sapere provides Reiki, Reconnective Healing, Shamanic Healing, Sound Healing and Crystal Energy Healing sessions for relaxation, pain relief, chakra clearing, physical and emotional healing, mental clarity, and spiritual connection.

To learn more about how Marcus’ Reiki, Reconnective Healing, Shamanic Healing and other healing modalities can help you achieve your goals, please call Marcus at (510) 418-5379, for a free telephone consultation, or send Marcus an email at marcus@reiki4innerpeace.com