Schedule A Distant Healing Session

Schedule a distant healing session

Marcus in his Alameda, California healing center.

Schedule a Distant Healing Session (Including telephone and  Zoom Reiki healing sessions):

60 Minute Distant Healing Sessions:

$170.00 per session.

75 Minute Distant Healing Sessions:

$210.00 per session.

90 Minute Distant Healing Sessions:

$250.00 per session.

Cancellation Policy:  Please be courteous and call to reschedule or cancel a session at least 24 hours prior to the session.  Full payment is required for any scheduled sessions which are missed or cancelled less than 24 hour before they are scheduled to occur.

To schedule a distant healing session, please call or text Marcus at (510) 418-5379, or send Marcus an email at

Please also call Marcus for a free telephone consultation to discuss how his Reiki, Reconnective Healing, Shamanic Healing, Sound Healing, Crystal Healing and other healing modalities can help you achieve your goals. 

Distant Reiki Healing:

Unlike light or radio waves, the strength of the bio-field energy healing Marcus works with does not diminish with distance. Therefore, the intensity and benefits of Marcus’ sessions are as strong for someone receiving a session who is thousands of miles away, as it is for someone receiving a session in one of Marcus’ healing centers.  Distant healing sessions are very convenient for someone who is in need of a session but is far away from the San Francisco area, or who is in the Bay Area but just does not have the time to come to one of Marcus’ healing centers for an in person session.    Distant healing sessions are also very helpful for those who are in pain and are unable to drive to see Marcus, or who need relief during non-office hours.

Marcus’ distant healing sessions are sometimes conducted at a prearranged time, often when the recipient is relaxing or meditating and is consciously open and aware that the healing it taking place.  Many clients can perceive the healing energy, sometimes as warmth or tingling, sometimes as joy and tranquility,  sometimes as all of these things and more.  But it is not necessary that the recipient sense the energy for a healing to occur.

In other distant healing sessions, Marcus sends the healing energy when he perceives his client most needs it.    Thereafter, when Marcus and the client next talk, they discuss what has transpired and how the client has benefited from the session.

In still other distant healing sessions, Marcus helps his clients clear specific emotional energy they are holding in their chakras, through the use of a shamanic illumination, in much the same way he would help them in an in-person session, but instead communicating over the phone or on Zoom.

To some, distant healing sounds even more “woo woo” than in person healing.  But, as is the case with an in person healing session, the recipient does not have to believe that a healing will take place.  This is not faith healing.  A certainty of belief in a healing outcome is not necessary.  Instead, as long as the client is open to the possibility of a healing (with a mental attitude similar to, “It sure would be nice if it worked”) her or she will benefit from the session.


The following are reviews for distant Reiki healing sessions, written by some of Marcus’ healing clients after their sessions:


I sought Reiki for emotional support not physical pain assistance. I asked to have extreme feelings of grief, depression, anger, helplessness and sorrow over my father’s illness be removed. Although I believe it took a few days to fully integrate the change, I feel better. What I’m finding a little odd is my calmness and the unusual feeling of NOT having the negative feelings any longer. I’m still adjusting to “the space” within my emotions, but I was suffering badly so I am embracing the change and feeling different. As far as the actual event, although the session was virtual, I had sensations going through my body which proved to me something was happening. Mostly the sensations were chills and feeling cold although it was a warm day. As we finished, I felt a jolt in my chest (my heart chakra?). It was not a bad jolt, but a feeling as if something had shifted. Finally, I enjoyed the music he played to begin and end our session as well as the entire experience. Thank you Marcus.

Tami C.


I set up an appointment with Marcus over Zoom to help clear some emotions that were keeping me sick and in pain. We did an exercise together with crystals to help clear from my chakra’s toxic emotions. I felt the work to be very powerful, even though we were not in person. Marcus was kind and offered me much hope in my healing. I also have reached out to him for distance reiki to help stop a migraine in its tracks and it actually helped significantly. I will be seeing Marcus again to continue this work. Thank you, Marcus!

Susan C.


I got laid off during the pandemic. I felt the world crashing down on me and fell into a bit of grief and depression. Lot of washed away hopes and dreams. I couldn’t see Marcus in person because of the pandemic. Marcus has saved me before from a lot of emotional pain when my dad passed away and he was able to heal me once again but this time remotely.  I felt the remote healing to be just as good as if Marcus was there. I was revived and whole again after the session. Thank you, Marcus.

Steve S.


I have visited Marcus multiple times and was so happy that his distance healing is just as effective. He is a gifted healer, and the effects of the session reverberates for days and weeks after. Thank you Marcus!

Patricia C.


I very much enjoyed having Reiki over Zoom. I believe this is because I was able to use my own crystals, which worked really well for me and I felt the energy in me change very rapidly. I think also being in my own environment helped me to relax even more and focus more on clearing the energy I needed to clear. I feel like a new person and those feelings and thoughts I was having that I wanted to clear are 100% gone. I think having this healing in my own space with my own tools and the guidance and healing from Marcus through pictures and the computer allowed me to not only clear what I needed to clear, but also easily continue the healing process in the same space it the healing was done in. It was a very powerful experience! If you have ever gone to Reiki in person, definitely give a Zoom healing a shot. It was such an unforgettable and amazing experience that I am still feeling the benefits of today! Thank you Marcus!

Shaun L.


It’s amazing because I have been on my feet for 2 1/2 days with company from Rhode Island. We have been showing them all over town. I should be in raging pain, but I am not. I have often read about the power of healing hands and I do believe that your help through Reiki has been very successful. I will always have pain from time to time because of my fibromyalgia, and the pain in my feet is a dull constant of my life, but the needle piercing pain I had been feeling recently was very difficult to ignore and impossible to sleep through. I think I’ll get a good sleep tonight. I know God works in many ways and I believe He worked through you. I have been praying for relief because the pain has been very intense. Thank you for helping.

It has been months since I needed to get a Reiki treatment from Marcus. Yesterday I had a flare-up, and my feet and one of my knees were hurting very badly. Since I live in San Diego, I couldn’t receive an in-person Reiki treatment from Marcus, so he suggested we do a distance Reiki session. After the one-half hour treatment, my knee is much improved and my feet are much better, too. I don’t know how it works long distance, but it does. I have no trouble understanding the laying on of hands, which should work through the power of the Holy Spirit with the Reiki Master as a conduit, but long distance? Oh well, I know you are an excellent healer and with God, all things are possible. Thank you again, Marcus, for your time, your faith in healing, and your love to share it with me.

Maria M.


Marcus, I could never thank you enough for rescuing me from that frightening situation. Feeling my throat closing up while I was having lunch and then reaching up and feeling my lymph nodes swelling rapidly made me panic. Thank goodness you were available to help me with a distant Reiki healing session. Thank you for being such a gifted healer and for being there for me.

R. L.


My mother was dying from cancer, and I had flown back east to take care of her.  The process left me overwhelmed and emotionally frazzled.  There were countless decisions to be made every minute, and I was not sleeping well. I was trying to balance grieving with getting the job done, and it was not proving to be an easy task. Marcus began doing distance Reiki on me every day.  My sleep improved, and I got a better handle on my responsibilities and on keeping my mood in check.  I felt more supported somehow. Everything became a little easier to manage.

When my mother’s condition worsened, I asked Marcus if he would do some distance Reiki on her as well.  I sent him a photo of her.  She had entered the hospice stage of her care and was very physically uncomfortable.  A few hours after I sent him the photo, he texted a message to me that her spirit was ready to pass over and that she had made peace with this.  And then, as if by clockwork, she died several minutes after the text exchange.  I do believe that his Reiki helped her relax and let go so that she passed without struggle, and that he facilitated our mother-daughter connection in our final days together.

Marcus helped me again when I returned to the Bay Area with an in-office Reiki session.  That helped me recover strength and get more grounded to get back to the daily routines of life and work.  He was a great ally throughout all stages of the experience, and I would recommend him most highly as a gentle but powerful healer for anyone who is going through or has been through a trauma.

Melissa M.


Thank you so very much, Marcus, for helping me. The pain I was feeling in my left breast since before the holiday season is gone. I have not felt any pain there since the remote Reiki session Marcus provided me over the phone. I went to see a medical doctor after the holiday season because of the pain. I was given a mammogram at the hospital, the results of which were normal. No cancer cells were detected but I was still in quite a bit of pain, which the doctors were unable to diagnose or relieve. I used ice therapy after the screening as the hospital suggested, but this would only give me a few hours of pain relief. The 30 minute Reiki session I had with Marcus over the phone relieved the pain once and for all. I have felt no pain at all for weeks. In addition to this, Marcus’ Reiki session also lessened the migraine pain I was feeling and eliminated the upper neck and back pain I was having as well. I can’t thank Marcus enough!

Meghan L.


I’ve had a couple of successful Reiki sessions with Marcus in his office, and then I asked him for a distant healing to help with my jet lag when traveling to Romania to see family. Honestly, I’ve never thought much of distant healing before. And yet, I decided to give it a try because in the past years my jet lag has been so bad that it’s rendered me unable to function properly for a whole week (which is a big deal when you only have 3 weeks to spend in a place). Every time I traveled from California to Europe before I used to sleep over 12-14 hours a day and still feel incredibly tired. Despite my best efforts, I couldn’t wake up before 3 p.m. without feeling like a zombie. Suffice to say, it wasn’t much fun and I dreaded the travel. This time however, I emailed Marcus my travel itinerary and he did a distant healing for me while on the plane and right after my arrival. The result? I slept 10 hours on day one and woke up at 10 a.m. totally refreshed, and after that first day I only needed my normal ~7 hours of sleep per night and was able to easily wake up naturally between 7 and 9 a.m., which is absolutely amazing! Thanks to Marcus and his distant Reiki I can actually enjoy my vacation with my family this year, instead of having to recover from travel for a whole week. This alone was a powerful enough experience for me to shift my distrust of distant healing.

Simona Balan


Last week the left side of my face and neck swelled along my jawline to my chin and up to my glasses. The pain and pressure was extraordinary. I was out working when this took place. I called a client who had trouble understanding me. The pain to my jaw was affecting how well I could speak. When I finally made it home I looked into the medicine cabinet mirror and was stunned by how distorted my face and head were. I was hurting so much & needed relief. I took ibuprofen which did nothing for my pain. After laying in bed I was hurting more and more as time passed. I sat up and called Marcus. I told him what was going on and he offered me a remote Reiki healing session. During this time I relaxed on my bed at home in San Francisco while he worked on me remotely from Alameda. He called me back in about 30 minutes and the pain I was feeling was now completely gone. 

Rhonda L.


Marcus has been a sensitive healer through a painful crisis in my shoulder and upper back with periodic migraines for the past year.  I have moved from the Bay Area and he continues to facilitate my recovery through distance healing.  In my distance sessions I feel an energy shift and my body/mind lets go.  Areas of tension and pain relax in my shoulder and I feel mental clarity.  I feel free with a deep sense of gratitude and presence when the 30 minutes concludes.  Marcus is a natural, artful and intuitive healer and I love having him in my life.

Nina Lasant  


Marcus is very friendly and easy to talk to. At the beginning of the session, I told him what was going on and the areas of my life that I wanted to heal. He asked all the right questions and within minutes he was able to create a list of things to work on. His calm and encouraging demeanor made it easy for me to relax and focus. At the end of it, I felt great and excited to experience the positive impacts of healing. Thank you, Marcus. I’ll be back if I ever need more help.


Please call Marcus at (510) 418-5379 or (415) 450-7419, for a free telephone consultation to discuss how Marcus’ Reiki, Reconnective Healing, Shamanic Healing, Sound Healing, Crystal Healing and other healing modalities can help you achieve your goals, or send Marcus an email at

The client reviews on this page are the experiences of these individual clients, and are not guarantees of any particular results or outcomes of Reiki treatments.  Each client is unique, as are the issues he or she chooses to work on in Reiki treatment.