Relax and Recharge

Relax and Recharge -- Reiki For Inner Peace

Marcus in his Alameda, California healing center.

Virtually all of my clients leave our sessions feeling relaxed and recharged.  Many tell me that after the session, the pressures in their lives simply do not bother them as they did before.  Often, this relaxation and new perspective continues for days, weeks, months or even longer after the session.  A session is like an energetic spa treatment, where the cares of the day simply disappear, and the client leaves refreshed, energized, recharged and at peace, with a new positive outlook.

The following are some of my clients’ Testimonials about the relaxation they have received from our sessions:


I own and run a very busy auto repair business. I do a great job for my customers, but my days are often very stressful. I came to see Marcus for a Reiki treatment after a hard day at work. The session was extremely relaxing and I left feeling very peaceful and without a care in the world. I drove home through rush-hour traffic still feeling great. At home my wife started nagging me about something, but I did not let it bother me and I discussed and resolved her concerns in a relaxed and thoughtful manner. The next day at work was one of those where everything that could go wrong did go wrong. But somehow, the problems did not make me angry, frustrated, or even stressed. Instead, I took care of all the problems one by one, still feeling very relaxed and strong. This was very unusual for me!

It is now one week since my Reiki session with Marcus, and I am still feeling happy and relaxed, at work, at home and throughout the day. Before my session with Marcus, I was skeptical about what he could do for me. In fact, because I was so skeptical, I cancelled and rescheduled my appointment three or four times before I finally went to see Marcus. Now, I wholeheartedly recommend a Reiki session with Marcus for anyone who wants to feel more relaxed, peaceful and present.

Addendum:  It is now about three months since my session with Marcus.  I am still feeling very happy and relaxed, both at work and at home.  It is truly amazing!



I can’t even remember the last time I felt so in the present and at peace as I did with Marcus during our session. This is a wonderful way to recharge and release any negative energy that may be weighing you down.

Jessica M.


My first Reiki session ever was with Marcus recently.  I was not familiar with this practice and honestly a bit skeptical.  What I experienced however, the calmness, clarity, and general sense of well-being that I had not felt in a long time made me a believer in this form of energy healing, and I greatly look forward to future sessions!

Stella P.


My Reiki session with Marcus was delightful. He has a calm and centered presence and made me feel at ease immediately. His office is beautifully decorated, full of earthy antiques and sparkly gemstones gathered from different places in the world. And the ceiling is painted with swirly deco motifs, so it’s a treat to gaze at while lying on the table.

Marcus has a genuine gift of intuition in sensing blocked energy and sending energy through his hands. He also works with an array of stones to guide energy through the body. I could feel a calm wave of energy during my session, like I was drifting in and out of dreams. I felt profound releases, kind of a tingly sensation in my neck, throat and jaw which often become tight from long workdays. I noticed my breathing get deeper as the muscles relaxed. At the end, my mind was very peaceful, joyful and clear, but I was also so energized that I started my spring cleaning! Now that’s good energy flow…thanks Marcus!

Melissa M.


I met Marcus for a Reiki session directly after meeting with my attorney.  The week prior, my ex-husband had threatened to have our divorce agreement nullified, and to say I was anxious and stressed out would have been an understatement.  I’d never experienced Reiki before, and only had a limited understanding of energy work through various bodywork modalities.  Marcus was very calm and informative, giving me a thorough explanation of what to expect during the session.  Although I was quite high strung because of my situation, I immediately felt comfortable and safe with him.

The session was such a gift!  I felt myself begin to relax and calm down.  In fact I lost all track of time.  It was an amazing experience, and I actually had a decent night’s sleep for the first time in almost a week. Over the next few days I realized I had a clearer grasp of the situation at hand, and was more composed about having to interact with my ex.  While I still have a realistic level of uneasiness about the future, I am in much better mental and emotional states now, thanks to Marcus.  I will always be grateful for his healing touch and the kindness and compassion he showed me!

Tricia B.


Marcus is a true healer. I was going through a difficult time on many levels and he was terrific in using a variety of methods like Reiki, Reconnective Healing and Shamanic Healing to get my energy moving calmly and smoothly. It is amazing how powerful this work is. He is a very caring healer who really helps you relax, remain calm and become focused on the good things in your life and solutions to your current issues.

His Alameda office space is a very healing space just to be in. It is calming and he has a collection of beautiful stones and crystals which are amazing.

I would recommend anyone who feels a bit run-down, tired or stressed out to take a session with Marcus, and I am sure you will feel the difference in your lower stress level right away.

Mary Broderick


Marcus creates a sacred space and a feeling of safety and love while giving Reiki. He is a true healer, sharing his gifts for my self-discovery and transformation. His sessions always promote deep relaxation and a feeling of empowerment and well being. I return to my essence and experience deep gratitude in his presence.

Nina Lasant


After years of hearing about the healing power or Reiki, I decided to finally give it a try. Between the stresses of work, some chronic injuries, and general “brain fog”, I figured now would be as good a time as any to give it a go.

Before I delve into my experience with the session, first – let me tell you about his office!  Marcus has an amazing collection of rocks and curios which, combined with the soft lighting, rich aromas, soothing music, and the historic building, create an amazing sense of depth and universality.  Before we began, Marcus and I sat down to discuss what I wanted from the session. This allowed me to get in the right frame of mind for what I consider to be something like a psychic journey!

As for the session, it’s a little difficult to describe the experience.  Basically you lay on the table (I closed my eyes) and relax.  It only felt like 10 minutes or so, but in that time I felt like I went on a mental journey – allowed myself to step back from the day-today world, and put the universe in perspective.  When the session was over (turns out that 10 minutes was an hour!), I had this amazing sense of relaxation, calm, and focus I have not felt in quite some time. As I left, the world was buzzing and vibrant.  I noticed the fresh air and the trees – and in particular I noticed this rock on my way back to the car.  Not to sound too cheesy but I swear it was glowing.

A few days later I wound up having an early job nearby his office and, as I was walking to work, I saw that rock again.  When I noticed it, that same sense of calm came over me, and I went in to work rejuvenated, energized, mindful and crystal clear!

Jacky B.


My Reiki session with Marcus was a wonderful experience. It made me feel very energized, yet light and relaxed on a much deeper level.  I left with a beautiful sense of peace, gratitude and bliss. I highly recommend Marcus’ healing sessions. Thank you, Marcus!

Monika G.


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The client testimonials on this page are the experiences of these individual clients, and are not guarantees of any particular results or outcomes of Reiki treatments.  Each client is unique, as are the issues he or she chooses to work on in Reiki treatment.