Shamanic Healing

Shamanic Healing Reiki For Inner Peace

Marcus in his Alameda, California healing center.

Shamanic Healing has been practiced by indigenous peoples throughout the world for thousands of years.  Similar Shamanic Healing practices and techniques have arisen in many cultures despite the fact that they are separated by vast continents and oceans, without any possibility of cultural exchange or interaction.   Marcus’ Shamanic Healing training comes from the tradition of indigenous South American peoples, including the Inca culture of what is now the high mountains of Peru.

Of particular benefit, when combined with Reiki and Reconnective Healing, is a Shamanic Healing technique called an illumination.   Marcus has achieved excellent results in the clearing of emotional trauma and pain in his clients, by using the combination of these healing modalities.  An illumination involves Marcus’ client first selecting one of his many beautiful healing crystals.  Each crystal has a healing vibration of its own, based upon its chemical makeup and unique shape and configuration.

It is said that the universe will give to a client the healing he or she is supposed to receive.  That may be true, but most people are more goal oriented than that.  Marcus’ practice is to first discuss with his clients what types of healing he or she would most like to achieve during that session. Marcus then focuses his healing efforts to accomplish those results.  Healings can be of physical maladies and pain.  Healings can be of emotional trauma and pain from the past that lingers and colors the client’s enjoyment of the present.  Marcus’ Reiki and Reconnective healing sessions, when coupled with Shamanic Healing illuminations, can produce both physical and emotional healings for his clients.

Often, a client is fully aware of the causes of their emotional trauma, and may even have had extensive psychotherapy and intellectual insight about its causes, nature and extent.   Unfortunately, for many people, despite all of this intellectual insight, the emotional trauma and pain remains embedded in his or her biofield energy, and just cannot be talked away or willed away.  The beauty of a Shamanic Healing illumination is that it can greatly reduce and even release this deep seated trauma and pain, often in only one or a few healing sessions.

I invite you to read about some of the healing and other benefits my clients have received from our sessions.  These client written recommendations and client videos are contained on the Testimonials pages of this website.
Marcus with his shamanic healing mesa.

Marcus with his shamanic healing mesa, consecrated stones and crystals he uses in his healing practice.

Marcus' shamanic healing mesa.

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