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Grief Relief Reiki For Inner Peace

Marcus in his Alameda, California healing center.

Many of my clients who have suffered with longstanding and frequently debilitating emotional pain and grief caused by the death of a loved one, have received very significant relief from that emotional burden in our healing sessions.  When traumatic events occur, their energy gets stuck in a person’s energy field, causing emotional pain, and eventually frequently resulting in physical symptoms and physical maladies.   In my clients’ emotional healing sessions, at the beginning of each session, we discuss the emotional pain they would like to clear that day, and the events that have caused that pain, and then move to my sound healing table where, through a Shamanic healing technique called an illumination, their emotional pain is greatly reduced or totally relieved.  Typically, clients come for one to three sessions, but very frequently obtain very noticeable emotional pain and grief relief in their first session.   Many of my clients report that their emotional pain and grief relief obtained in our sessions is very long lasting and profound.  They frequently call it “life changing” and “amazing.”

While talk therapy is excellent for getting intellectual clarity and insights into one’s problems, it does nothing to clear emotional pain which is trapped in one’s energy field.  Rather, coping mechanisms are taught, which often only prolong one’s struggle with the issues, in a futile effort to attempt to gain mental mastery over them.  Even worse, pharmaceutical pills are prescribed, which only mask the emotional pain, dull the senses and have numerous short-term side effects and also have unknown long-term risks.  

Some people worry that if they release the grief, they will also lose the love, good feelings and memories they have for the person.  In fact, in my experience with my clients, once the grief is gone, my clients feel their love and connection with the loved one all the  stronger, since the grief that partially obscured those feeling has greatly diminished or has totally gone.

The following are some of my clients’ Testimonials about the grief relief they have received from our sessions:


After my mother’s death, my father went into deep depression.  Through a friend’s suggestion, I brought him to Marcus.  Marcus is such a magnificent person.  He made my dad and me felt comfortable and at ease while I translated the Reiki process in Chinese to my father.  The effects of Marcus’ Reiki healing session on my father were immediate and profound. The next day my dad was calmer, more peaceful, his face looked lighter and he was singing. His mind seemed a lot clearer. It was amazing to see my dad like this. Thank you, Marcus!

Diana W.


My father passed away six months ago but a session with Marcus two weeks ago helped relieve me of a lot of grief I still had, even after treatments with psychotherapy, TCM, and EMDR. I feel wanting to live again and feel pleasure in life. Thank you Marcus for your healing.

Steve S.


My Reiki session was an incredibly healing experience, as always. Marcus is the real deal. He is a kind and generous man and he is very gifted. I’ve only seen him three times, but I feel like I have known him forever. I was skeptical about Reiki at first, but I felt it was worth a try.  I’m so glad I did.  My work with Marcus has helped bring me clarity and peace after the deaths of my mother and my sister within a few months of each other.  Marcus has changed my life for the better in ways that I didn’t even expect. I am now moving down a path to a future that I look forward to, as a strong and enlightened woman. Do not wait another second. Book a session with him now. You have nothing to lose and very much to gain. Peace.

Celine P.


I recently saw Marcus for grief work.  I lost my husband, mother and several friends in rapid succession several years ago and didn’t do any grief work at the time resulting in a very unhappy result.  I have tried other methods of dealing with these losses with slow results.  One session with Marcus greatly relieved my symptoms and I am much happier for the experience.  I will forever feel these losses but my emotions regarding them no longer feel debilitating.  Marcus is very experienced and good at what he does and I highly recommend him for these types of issues.

Debbie S.


I recently lost my mother and had great difficulty coping with the vacancy in my life.  She had a terminal lung condition that she kept private from the family until she only had 6-months to live.  I had no desire to go to a psychotherapist and “talk” about it.

I was recommended to Marcus’ Reiki practice by a friend and I was very skeptical.  He had an amazing way of making me feel comfortable, which allowed me to open up and share my feelings.  It only took Marcus one session to help me flush out the emotions that were bottled up inside.  Thank you Marcus for your help in helping me say goodbye to my Mom.

Todd W.


I recently lost a friend. She passed away and left me feeling profoundly sad, distraught and in a mental fog. I found myself driving down dead end streets wondering how I got there. I was pulling over to the side of the road and bursting into tears. I was so overwhelmed by grief and out of sorts that I couldn’t get things done. I just felt totally discombobulated. I almost caused an accident and then decided that I needed help. I called Marcus for a healing session. After our session I was back to my old self. I was able to drive about safely and work minus the tears and I was able to laugh again. Life is good!



I found Marcus on Yelp after my boyfriend passed away and I was going through a really hard time emotionally dealing with grief and guilt. I had never tried Reiki before but I had heard about its calming effects. I had heard the after effect of Reiki was very relaxing like a deep tissue massage without being touched, and that was exactly what I wanted at that time. I decided to give it try since nothing else could calm me. Marcus is amazing! He is genuine, kind, and knows his craft very well. I left the first session extremely relaxed and calm and stayed that way for weeks! The bad energy that surrounded me left and the good energy we asked for stayed. Marcus uses crystals and clears your chakras in his sessions. He grounds you and brings you a sense of well-being and peace at every session. I have been seeing Marcus about every two months for the last year and half. He has also recently started Sound Healing in addition with Reiki and this combination is amazing as well. I highly recommend Marcus.

Teresa E.


My mother was dying from cancer, and I had flown back east to take care of her.  The process left me overwhelmed and emotionally frazzled.  There were countless decisions to be made every minute, and I was not sleeping well. I was trying to balance grieving with getting the job done, and it was not proving to be an easy task. Marcus began doing distance Reiki on me every day.  My sleep improved, and I got a better handle on my responsibilities and on keeping my mood in check.  I felt more supported somehow. Everything became a little easier to manage.

When my mother’s condition worsened, I asked Marcus if he would do some distance Reiki on her as well.  I sent him a photo of her.  She had entered the hospice stage of her care and was very physically uncomfortable.  A few hours after I sent him the photo, he texted a message to me that her spirit was ready to pass over and that she had made peace with this.  And then, as if by clockwork, she died several minutes after the text exchange.  I do believe that his Reiki helped her relax and let go so that she passed without struggle, and that he facilitated our mother-daughter connection in our final days together.

Marcus helped me again when I returned to the Bay Area with an in-office Reiki session.  That helped me recover strength and get more grounded to get back to the daily routines of life and work.  He was a great ally throughout all stages of the experience, and I would recommend him most highly as a gentle but powerful healer for anyone who is going through or has been through a trauma.

Melissa M.

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The client testimonials on this page are the experiences of these individual clients, and are not guarantees of any particular results or outcomes of Reiki treatments.  Each client is unique, as are the issues he or she chooses to work on in Reiki treatment.