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Marcus in his Alameda, California healing center.

The following are Reiki client reviews, written by some of Marcus’ healing clients after their sessions:


Marcus is a natural-born healer. His hands are filled with a healing vibration. A session with him is a powerful experience of stress-relief and transformation.

Marilyn Gordon,
Board Certified Hypnotherapist, teacher, author.


I had a great session with Marcus on Zoom! It’s great being able to “see” him again during this Pandemic. I had my computer set up in front of my bed and he was able to send Reiki as if he was there in person. I was also able to hear his music play and hear his voice while I lying down through my computer speakers. I had a few chakras that were congested and Marcus was able to clear them for me. Feeling clear and alive after the session!

Steve S.


Last November, while visiting my husband’s family for Thanksgiving, my mom broke her femur. She was 92 at the time, had emergency surgery, and was recuperating at a skilled nursing facility in Marin County. Something led me to Marcus for help with her healing. He visited her at the facility and performed distance healing, too.  My mom has turned 93, and is well on the road to recovery and walking again, amazing!!!

As it turns out, Marcus may have helped me just as much. I had a persistent pain in my elbow, diagnosed as tennis elbow, for well over a year and a half.  To try to relieve the pain, I visited my acupuncturist, a structural physical therapist, and did arm strengthening exercises, but nothing helped, until the work with Marcus. During an intensive double session, Marcus helped to release the physical and psychological damage that inflicted me for so long.  Today, four months have passed and I have no signs that this pain will return. I recommend the Reiki work with Marcus if you need help with pain or issues that you can’t let go of. He is truly amazing.

Mary and Maria, Colorado


I recently lost my mother and had great difficulty coping with the vacancy in my life.  She had a terminal lung condition that she kept private from the family until she only had 6-months to live.  I had no desire to go to a psychotherapist and “talk” about it.

I was recommended to Marcus’ Reiki practice by a friend and I was very skeptical.  He had an amazing way of making me feel comfortable, which allowed me to open up and share my feelings.  It only took Marcus one session to help me flush out the emotions that were bottled up inside.  Thank you Marcus for your help in helping me say goodbye to my Mom.

Todd W.


I was feeling physically tired and mentally drained after a hectic two months at work and was experiencing throat and neck pain – not surprising as my throat chakra is always the first to go. So I was greatly looking forward to a healing session with Marcus. I noticed my body immediately relax as I entered his healing studio. After chatting for a few minutes, letting Marcus know about my current physical status, he asked me to select from among his many stones and crystals an object that particularly resonated with me. Next, upon lying on his table, Marcus began to scan my body and placed the stone I’d selected on my throat chakra. He then began the healing session. Meanwhile, I drifted in and out of a dreamlike state, losing track of time, feeling relaxed throughout. After asking me to blow any blocked energy into the stone, he then continued doing reiki to my different chakras from head to toe. When the session was complete, I shared how I was feeling. The pain I had been experiencing earlier had been released, and I have not experienced any throat pain in the last 2 weeks since my Reiki healing session. I have worked with other Reiki practitioners and feel Marcus is very grounded and heals not only with his hands but with his presence.

Amyn Nathoo


First, a disclaimer. Although I am native bay babe, I am not super into alternative medicine or treatment. Yes, I love yoga and I do meditate, but I am not someone who believes in a magic cure. I have seen Marcus on three occasions, and I have to say each visit was more helpful than seeing a traditional source. I have insomnia, migraines, and a huge amount of family stress. Each session gave me a greater sense of clarity and peace. Everyone’s experience will be unique, and my experiences have helped me cope with some very challenging issues.

Seeing Marcus for a session is like a mini vacation, without dealing with the baggage or the TSA! I believe he has a true gift for helping others, and I strongly recommend seeking him out for help in dealing with physical and emotional ailments. At the very least, you will feel better than you did before. What more do you need to know? Oh, the price or prices of the session was beyond reasonable. You are worth it. Go see Marcus and learn how Reiki can change your life for the better.

Leslie K.


I recently lost a friend. She passed away and left me feeling profoundly sad, distraught and in a mental fog. I found myself driving down dead end streets wondering how I got there. I was pulling over to the side of the road and bursting into tears. I was so overwhelmed by grief and out of sorts that I couldn’t get things done. I just felt totally discombobulated. I almost caused an accident and then decided that I needed help. I called Marcus for a healing session. After our session I was back to my old self. I was able to drive about safely and work minus the tears and I was able to laugh again. Life is good!



Thank goodness I met Marcus when I did. Two months ago I could only walk about 1/2 a block before I had to sit down due to severe hip, lower back, and joint pain. Last week I dropped my car off at my mechanic and took a bus to the Trans-Bay Terminal and walked to Steuart and Howard Street and walked back. I felt tired because it’s been a while since I’ve been able to walk any distance, but I had a smile on my face. After only a few visits with Marcus, I can now walk comfortably where I’d like to go. This is after 8 years of seeing a chiropractor and slowly but steadily getting worse. I’m now rapidly healing! Thanks Marcus!

Rhonda Lenore


When I was in Oakland many years ago, and I was trapped in my car for about 15 minutes while a gunman threatened the cashier at a fast food drive through, within 20 feet of my car. I feared that I might be killed at any moment by the gunman. I was left severely traumatized. After that, every time tried to drive over the Bay Bridge to the East Bay, I would have horrible panic attacks, and I would have to turn around and return to San Francisco. I saw Marcus for one session to try to get relief for my phobia. He gave me a Reiki treatment and a procedure he called a shamanic illumination. After the treatment I felt great!

A few days after Marcus’ treatment, I decided to try to visit a friend who lives in Oakland. I drove across the Bay Bridge relaxed and calm, with no knots in my stomach and no fear! I felt totally serene as drove to my friend’s house. It was great! I was there for a long time. I lost track. I meant to return before dark and once I realized it was after 10 p.m., I wondered if I’d step out of my friend’s place and feel afraid. I didn’t, and I felt perfectly fine driving back home! I felt free!

I cannot thank Marcus enough for what he has done for me. My friend thanks him as well! He’s an old friend and it wasn’t fair that he always had to come to San Francisco for us to get together.

Rhonda Lenore


I had been diagnosed by a sports medicine physician with calcific tendonitis.  I had extreme pain and a frozen shoulder; I could not lift my arm forward or to the side more than 6 inches.  The pain radiated down my arm into my fingers.  In the x-ray, there were massive amounts of calcium deposits on the tendon in my shoulder (to the point of the doctor saying he had never seen anything quite like it).  He gave me a cortisone shot and said come back in 3 weeks.  When I wasn’t feeling any better, two days later, I called Marcus.  With an in person treatment and subsequent remote treatments that night and the next day, I had nearly full movement and dramatically reduced pain two days later.  This “miraculous recovery” could have been because of a combination of a multitude of things I was doing, including Epsom Salt soaks, reduced calcium intake, chelated magnesium, visualizations and the cortisone, but I found it particularly interesting that I felt so much better so quickly after seeing Marcus for a Reiki session.   The mind and spirit are powerful healers.  Marcus has an impressive grasp of both.

Lauren S.


I was given my first Reiki session with Marcus as a gift from my yoga instructor shortly after I was diagnosed with cancer and needed to have surgery. Because of my state of mind and the fear surrounding my diagnosis I accepted the gift. I have since had several Reiki sessions with Marcus to help deal with not only the emotional and psychological effects of such a crisis, but also the post surgery and recovery process. I encountered complications during the surgery, which added to my stress level. Hence, the entire ordeal triggered my chronic anxiety problems. I was searching for healing on many levels. During my sessions I often have amazing and powerful visions and then later receive significant insights into my life process and challenges, and as a result have experienced an inner peace I never dreamed imaginable. As far as my physical condition goes, after 3 months I am doing very well (feeling healthier than ever!) and have a calm and positive attitude about life. I believe that regular Reiki sessions have helped expedite my healing process! Marcus’ gentle, compassionate and healing energy is unmatched with any other form of healing massage or therapy I have tried and I highly recommend you give it a try!

Karen C.


After my mother’s death, my father went into deep depression.  Through a friend’s suggestion, I brought him to Marcus.  Marcus is such a magnificent person.  He made my dad and me felt comfortable and at ease while I translated the Reiki process in Chinese to my father.  The effects of Marcus’ Reiki healing session on my father were immediate and profound. The next day my dad was calmer, more peaceful, his face looked lighter and he was singing. His mind seemed a lot clearer. It was amazing to see my dad like this. Thank you, Marcus!

Diana W.


It’s amazing because I have been on my feet for 2 1/2 days with company from Rhode Island. We have been showing them all over town. I should be in raging pain, but I am not. I have often read about the power of healing hands and I do believe that your help through Reiki has been very successful. I will always have pain from time to time because of my fibromyalgia, and the pain in my feet is a dull constant of my life, but the needle piercing pain I had been feeling recently was very difficult to ignore and impossible to sleep through. I think I’ll get a good sleep tonight. I know God works in many ways and I believe He worked through you. I have been praying for relief because the pain has been very intense. Thank you for helping.

It has been months since I needed to get a Reiki treatment from Marcus. Yesterday I had a flare-up, and my feet and one of my knees were hurting very badly. Since I live in San Diego, I couldn’t receive an in-person Reiki treatment from Marcus, so he suggested we do a distance Reiki session. After the one-half hour treatment, my knee is much improved and my feet are much better, too. I don’t know how it works long distance, but it does. I have no trouble understanding the laying on of hands, which should work through the power of the Holy Spirit with the Reiki Master as a conduit, but long distance? Oh well, I know you are an excellent healer and with God, all things are possible. Thank you again, Marcus, for your time, your faith in healing, and your love to share it with me.

Maria M.


I have not had experience with Reiki prior to my session with Marcus. Going into it, I was not attached to any particular outcome, hoping, however, to find some emotional release from a long childhood trauma, that has been a heavy sad elephant in my room for at least fifteen years.

Marcus’ work felt very gentle and kind. I was comfortable sharing my ever neglected pain.  Marcus truly listened and together we worked out the focus of healing.
Not sure what and how and why (and happy to say, I don’t need to know!), but since our session, the very next day I woke up lighter, unburdened, and have been feeling in the flow for the last couple of months. Thank you so much!

I believe wholeheartedly in mind-body connection, have working understanding of Chakra system, a bit of knowledge of the Chinese meridians approach, and at the same time, I think of myself as a skeptic and try to “keep it real”.

Vita B.


I recently saw Marcus for grief work.  I lost my husband, mother and several friends in rapid succession several years ago and didn’t do any grief work at the time resulting in a very unhappy result.  I have tried other methods of dealing with these losses with slow results.  One session with Marcus greatly relieved my symptoms and I am much happier for the experience.  I will forever feel these losses but my emotions regarding them no longer feel debilitating.  Marcus is very experienced and good at what he does and I highly recommend him for these types of issues.

Debbie S.


Marcus creates a sacred space and a feeling of safety and love while giving Reiki. He is a true healer, sharing his gifts for my self-discovery and transformation. His sessions always promote deep relaxation and a feeling of empowerment and well being. I return to my essence and experience deep gratitude in his presence.

N. L.


When I went to Marcus for Reiki, I didn’t really know what to expect. However, as soon as I arrived at his beautiful vintage office, he set me at ease. He started the process by sharing his impressive collection of gorgeous stones and crystals and asked me to choose one that resonated with me. I picked one I liked. This was the stone that Marcus used during the Reiki treatment.

I was experiencing a flare-up of shoulder pain at the time of this session. After the process of tuning and treatment that Marcus used during Reiki, my shoulder pain had completely subsided, and I felt a sense of overall well-being.

I would recommend Marcus to anyone seeking the healing power of Reiki.

Collin Jones


My mother was dying from cancer, and I had flown back east to take care of her.  The process left me overwhelmed and emotionally frazzled.  There were countless decisions to be made every minute, and I was not sleeping well. I was trying to balance grieving with getting the job done, and it was not proving to be an easy task. Marcus began doing distance Reiki on me every day.  My sleep improved, and I got a better handle on my responsibilities and on keeping my mood in check.  I felt more supported somehow. Everything became a little easier to manage.

When my mother’s condition worsened, I asked Marcus if he would do some distance Reiki on her as well.  I sent him a photo of her.  She had entered the hospice stage of her care and was very physically uncomfortable.  A few hours after I sent him the photo, he texted a message to me that her spirit was ready to pass over and that she had made peace with this.  And then, as if by clockwork, she died several minutes after the text exchange.  I do believe that his Reiki helped her relax and let go so that she passed without struggle, and that he facilitated our mother-daughter connection in our final days together.

Marcus helped me again when I returned to the Bay Area with an in-office Reiki session.  That helped me recover strength and get more grounded to get back to the daily routines of life and work.  He was a great ally throughout all stages of the experience, and I would recommend him most highly as a gentle but powerful healer for anyone who is going through or has been through a trauma.

Melissa M.


It was by chance that Marcus needed service on his office equipment and I came to repair it. I had just suffered a serious injury to the tendons and muscles on my right hand. I am generally a skeptical individual, but I do respect the ancient traditions of medicine and healing. Marcus looked at my swollen hand and offered to perform his Reiki discipline for me. It was pleasurable to sit before Marcus as he lit an ancient wood which had an unusual but pleasing scent. He then grasped my wounded hand for 20 minutes or so and asked me to keep him informed on its progress. That evening, the swelling had subsided substantially and the range of motion improved in my fingers. Thanks to the graciousness Marcus offered, my hand is on a speedy mend. Thank you so much for extending your healing Powers for me, as I was able to report to work and use my hand.

Doran Long Jr.


Marcus is a very talented and natural healer. He has a calming energy that puts you at ease as soon as you step through the door. He is super professional, understanding, and patient. I’ve had chronic migraines for many years and have gone through several types of medication and treatments. The drugs only work temporarily and always leave me feeling groggy and disoriented. When I went to see Marcus I was in the middle of a migraine, but five minutes into our session I was able to completely relax. The session was very pleasant, I felt light and calm and the headache faded away completely. I was quite amazed with the results in just one session. Thank you Marcus!!!

Jessica Shi, CRYT


Marcus is a true healer. I was going through a difficult time on many levels and he was terrific in using a variety of methods like Reiki, Reconnective Healing and Shamanic Healing to get my energy moving calmly and smoothly. It is amazing how powerful this work is. He is a very caring healer who really helps you relax, remain calm and become focused on the good things in your life and solutions to your current issues.

His Alameda office space is a very healing space just to be in. It is calming and he has a collection of beautiful stones and crystals which are amazing.

I would recommend anyone who feels a bit run-down, tired or stressed out to take a session with Marcus, and I am sure you will feel the difference in your lower stress level right away.

Mary Broderick


Thank you so very much, Marcus, for helping me. The pain I was feeling in my left breast since before the holiday season is gone. I have not felt any pain there since the remote Reiki session Marcus provided me over the phone. I went to see a medical doctor after the holiday season because of the pain. I was given a mammogram at the hospital, the results of which were normal. No cancer cells were detected but I was still in quite a bit of pain, which the doctors were unable to diagnose or relieve. I used ice therapy after the screening as the hospital suggested, but this would only give me a few hours of pain relief. The 30 minute Reiki session I had with Marcus over the phone relieved the pain once and for all. I have felt no pain at all for weeks. In addition to this, Marcus’ Reiki session also lessened the migraine pain I was feeling and eliminated the upper neck and back pain I was having as well. I can’t thank Marcus enough!

Meghan L.


I met Marcus for a Reiki session directly after meeting with my attorney.  The week prior, my ex-husband had threatened to have our divorce agreement nullified, and to say I was anxious and stressed out would have been an understatement.  I’d never experienced Reiki before, and only had a limited understanding of energy work through various bodywork modalities.  Marcus was very calm and informative, giving me a thorough explanation of what to expect during the session.  Although I was quite high strung because of my situation, I immediately felt comfortable and safe with him.

The session was such a gift!  I felt myself begin to relax and calm down.  In fact I lost all track of time.  It was an amazing experience, and I actually had a decent night’s sleep for the first time in almost a week. Over the next few days I realized I had a clearer grasp of the situation at hand, and was more composed about having to interact with my ex.  While I still have a realistic level of uneasiness about the future, I am in much better mental and emotional states now, thanks to Marcus.  I will always be grateful for his healing touch and the kindness and compassion he showed me!

Tricia B.


I was already familiar with Reiki and felt like I was due for a session. The past eight months had been full for me, with running two businesses, attending networking events, spending time with family and my significant other plus trying to maintain a social life. My intention was to clear my mind.  For months I had been browsing Yelp and Google to find the right person.  I saw Marcus’ picture and was drawn to his authentic smile and calming demeanor. I had a gut feeling that I should schedule a Reiki session immediately, so I sent him an email.

The results of my session was feeling more calm, focused, less scattered and present from day to day.  It was a powerful experience and I loved the fact that Marcus and I talked about my experience after it was complete. I highly recommend his service! I’ll definitely return.

Geraldine C.


I found Marcus on Yelp after my boyfriend passed away and I was going through a really hard time emotionally dealing with grief and guilt. I had never tried Reiki before but I had heard about its calming effects. I had heard the after effect of Reiki was very relaxing like a deep tissue massage without being touched, and that was exactly what I wanted at that time. I decided to give it try since nothing else could calm me. Marcus is amazing! He is genuine, kind, and knows his craft very well. I left the first session extremely relaxed and calm and stayed that way for weeks! The bad energy that surrounded me left and the good energy we asked for stayed. Marcus uses crystals and clears your chakras in his sessions. He grounds you and brings you a sense of well-being and peace at every session. I have been seeing Marcus about every two months for the last year and half. He has also recently started Sound Healing in addition with Reiki and this combination is amazing as well. I highly recommend Marcus.

Teresa E.


I was a bit skeptical about Reiki, but now I am a believer and it’s all thanks to Marcus. Before the session began, my right wrist, hand, and knee were hurting for various reasons. By the time the session ended, I felt very positive, relaxed, and the pain in the aforementioned areas had subsided substantially. Marcus is an extremely gifted Reiki Master. He does a great job of explaining Reiki philosophy and has a calm, warm spirit. He really tries to connect with you and this helps to make the session so much more enjoyable. The only regret I had about this experience is that the Reiki session had to end! Thanks for making me feel better Marcus!

Ugo Umeh


Marcus made me feel completely at ease and answered well all my questions on the method of Reiki. He is very knowledgeable of different spiritualistic healing methods and great company during the ‘treatment’. I was suffering from a very tight neck and felt instant relief. The warmth experienced from the energy created was very relaxing and I could certainly feel my chakras being re-tuned. The next day I was amazed how much energy I had during a long day and I’m sure I will feel more benefits in the days to come too!

Kat Hounsell


I’ve had a couple of successful Reiki sessions with Marcus in his office, and then I asked him for a distant healing to help with my jet lag when traveling to Romania to see family. Honestly, I’ve never thought much of distant healing before. And yet, I decided to give it a try because in the past years my jet lag has been so bad that it’s rendered me unable to function properly for a whole week (which is a big deal when you only have 3 weeks to spend in a place). Every time I traveled from California to Europe before I used to sleep over 12-14 hours a day and still feel incredibly tired. Despite my best efforts, I couldn’t wake up before 3 p.m. without feeling like a zombie. Suffice to say, it wasn’t much fun and I dreaded the travel. This time however, I emailed Marcus my travel itinerary and he did a distant healing for me while on the plane and right after my arrival. The result? I slept 10 hours on day one and woke up at 10 a.m. totally refreshed, and after that first day I only needed my normal ~7 hours of sleep per night and was able to easily wake up naturally between 7 and 9 a.m., which is absolutely amazing! Thanks to Marcus and his distant Reiki I can actually enjoy my vacation with my family this year, instead of having to recover from travel for a whole week. This alone was a powerful enough experience for me to shift my distrust of distant healing.

Simona Balan


I broke my ankle on Memorial Day weekend, Sunday. One week and one day later, Marcus offered to do a long distance healing on my broken ankle. Up to this time I had been keeping it elevated as it would swell if it wasn’t elevated. I was in a place where I couldn’t keep it elevated. I noticed around 6:00 pm that my foot wasn’t swelling even though it wasn’t elevated. It wasn’t aching either. I came home an hour later and put it up and took off my brace and found that the swelling had actually gone down and I had a great deal more mobility. Later, I checked my email and saw one from Marcus saying he had done a long distance healing between 5:15 and 5:45 that evening. I don’t believe in coincidences. Thank you Marcus.

Ellen Baldwin


My Reiki session with Marcus was delightful. He has a calm and centered presence and made me feel at ease immediately. His office is beautifully decorated, full of earthy antiques and sparkly gemstones gathered from different places in the world. And the ceiling is painted with swirly deco motifs, so it’s a treat to gaze at while lying on the table.

Marcus has a genuine gift of intuition in sensing blocked energy and sending energy through his hands. He also works with an array of stones to guide energy through the body. I could feel a calm wave of energy during my session, like I was drifting in and out of dreams. I felt profound releases, kind of a tingly sensation in my neck, throat and jaw which often become tight from long workdays. I noticed my breathing get deeper as the muscles relaxed. At the end, my mind was very peaceful, joyful and clear, but I was also so energized that I started my spring cleaning! Now that’s good energy flow…thanks Marcus!

Melissa M.


I own and run a very busy auto repair business. I do a great job for my customers, but my days are often very stressful. I came to see Marcus for a Reiki treatment after a hard day at work. The session was extremely relaxing and I left feeling very peaceful and without a care in the world. I drove home through rush-hour traffic still feeling great. At home my wife started nagging me about something, but I did not let it bother me and I discussed and resolved her concerns in a relaxed and thoughtful manner. The next day at work was one of those where everything that could go wrong did go wrong. But somehow, the problems did not make me angry, frustrated, or even stressed. Instead, I took care of all the problems one by one, still feeling very relaxed and strong. This was very unusual for me!

It is now one week since my Reiki session with Marcus, and I am still feeling happy and relaxed, at work, at home and throughout the day. Before my session with Marcus, I was skeptical about what he could do for me. In fact, because I was so skeptical, I cancelled and rescheduled my appointment three or four times before I finally went to see Marcus. Now, I wholeheartedly recommend a Reiki session with Marcus for anyone who wants to feel more relaxed, peaceful and present.

Addendum:  It is now about three months since my session with Marcus.  I am still feeling very happy and relaxed, both at work and at home.  It is truly amazing!



Marcus has been a sensitive healer through a painful crisis in my shoulder and upper back with periodic migraines for the past year.  I have moved from the Bay Area and he continues to facilitate my recovery through distance healing.  In my distance sessions I feel an energy shift and my body/mind lets go.  Areas of tension and pain relax in my shoulder and I feel mental clarity.  I feel free with a deep sense of gratitude and presence when the 30 minutes concludes.  Marcus is a natural, artful and intuitive healer and I love having him in my life.

Nina Lasant  


Marcus emanates a very gentle and calming demeanor that quickly puts you at ease. I had my first Reiki session with him before the holidays in an effort to remain  grounded and resolute maintaining personal boundaries within a particular relationship. I left the session feeling a powerful sense of inner calm. My resolve was put to to the test in the New Year yet I remained steadfast and strong!  I highly recommend anyone contemplating energy healing to meet with Marcus – you will be pleased and impressed with the results.

Sally C.


Since I had never experienced Reiki before going to visit Marcus upon a recommendation, I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect. Within minutes, I felt at ease and a deep connection with his work. He was patient and thorough in explaining to me what Reiki was and how he was going to use it to help me specifically. At first, it was much like stepping away from a deep meditation session – peaceful with a noticeable vibrational shift. But after several days is when I really started to notice the work he’d done taking hold. The issue that had be haunting me on and off for several years was simply “gone”. Even though I have still thought about it, Marcus helped me remove the anxiety that had been surrounding it for so long. He was professional, thorough, intentional, and extremely thoughtful and compassionate to what was happening with me. He is as kind and gifted soul that I would recommended to anyone needing energetic healing. Thank you!

Cristin S.


After years of hearing about the healing power or Reiki, I decided to finally give it a try. Between the stresses of work, some chronic injuries, and general “brain fog”, I figured now would be as good a time as any to give it a go.

Before I delve into my experience with the session, first – let me tell you about his office!  Marcus has an amazing collection of rocks and curios which, combined with the soft lighting, rich aromas, soothing music, and the historic building, create an amazing sense of depth and universality.  Before we began, Marcus and I sat down to discuss what I wanted from the session. This allowed me to get in the right frame of mind for what I consider to be something like a psychic journey!

As for the session, it’s a little difficult to describe the experience.  Basically you lay on the table (I closed my eyes) and relax.  It only felt like 10 minutes or so, but in that time I felt like I went on a mental journey – allowed myself to step back from the day-today world, and put the universe in perspective.  When the session was over (turns out that 10 minutes was an hour!), I had this amazing sense of relaxation, calm, and focus I have not felt in quite some time. As I left, the world was buzzing and vibrant.  I noticed the fresh air and the trees – and in particular I noticed this rock on my way back to the car.  Not to sound too cheesy but I swear it was glowing.

A few days later I wound up having an early job nearby his office and, as I was walking to work, I saw that rock again.  When I noticed it, that same sense of calm came over me, and I went in to work rejuvenated, energized, mindful and crystal clear!

Jacky B.


Last week the left side of my face and neck swelled along my jawline to my chin and up to my glasses. The pain and pressure was extraordinary. I was out working when this took place. I called a client who had trouble understanding me. The pain to my jaw was affecting how well I could speak. When I finally made it home I looked into the medicine cabinet mirror and was stunned by how distorted my face and head were. I was hurting so much & needed relief. I took ibuprofen which did nothing for my pain. After laying in bed I was hurting more and more as time passed. I sat up and called Marcus. I told him what was going on and he offered me a remote Reiki healing session. During this time I relaxed on my bed at home in San Francisco while he worked on me remotely from Alameda. He called me back in about 30 minutes and the pain I was feeling was now completely gone.

Rhonda L.


My first Reiki session ever was with Marcus recently.  I was not familiar with this practice and honestly a bit skeptical.  What I experienced however, the calmness, clarity, and general sense of well-being that I had not felt in a long time made me a believer in this form of energy healing, and I greatly look forward to future sessions!

Stella P.


My Reiki session with Marcus was a wonderful experience. It made me feel very energized, yet light and relaxed on a much deeper level.  I left with a beautiful sense of peace, gratitude and bliss. I highly recommend Marcus’ healing sessions. Thank you, Marcus!

Monika G.


I went to therapy for 12 years and made little progress on resolving my emotional issues.   Seeing Marcus for a single year has been incredible— I feel inner profound healing,  and see outward changes in my life and relationships, wherever I place my intentions in my work with him.  It has been nothing short of miraculous.



I had been receiving Reiki treatments from Marcus on and off for a few years for help with both physical and stress problems. All the while I was also dealing with psoriasis on my arm. However, I never raised it as a concern until recently, when I broke out with a different infection in the same area. I called Marcus and during our session we discussed possible emotional reasons and energy blockages in my body that were contributing to my flare-ups. He then located an area in my back and performed a shamanic illumination to clear the energy blockage there, and also gently places his hands on and over my arm covered with psoriasis. I am happy and relieved to say that over the next several days my arm was about 80 percent cleared and has been ever since. No other medication has had the same dramatic impact. I am a genuine believer in the power of Marcus’ Reiki sessions, as a method of healing all kinds of ailments—both physical and emotional.

Karen C.

Please call Marcus at (510) 418-5379, for a free telephone consultation to discuss how Marcus’ Reiki, Reconnective Healing, Shamanic Healing, Sound Healing, Crystal Healing and other healing modalities can help you achieve your goals, or send Marcus an email at

The Reiki client reviews on this page are the experiences of these individual clients, and are not guarantees of any particular results or outcomes of Reiki treatments.  Each client is unique, as are the issues he or she chooses to work on in Reiki treatment.